Adam Hambrick Premieres Animated Video for 'Between Me and the End of the World' (Exclusive)

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing to persist in the United States and around the world, and singer Adam Hambrick knows firsthand how hard those on the front lines are working to fight the disease. Hambrick's wife, Merritt, is a physician assistant who has been treating patients throughout the pandemic, and his new single, "Between Me and the End of the World," recognizes the dedication and service of Merritt and all of the other health care professionals around the world.

"'Between Me and the End of the World' is a thank you note to our health care workers," Hambrick told "We’ve all seen the videos from early on in New York where the emergency rooms were overrun and these doctors and nurses were being pushed beyond their breaking points. It terrified me for my wife who was spending much of her time testing for the same virus that was doing that kind of damage. Honestly, it made me feel pretty powerless overall and so the best emotion for me to spend my emotional energy on was gratitude for my wife and all the people like her."

The music video for the song is an animated clip of a couple weathering a storm together. Hambrick explained that the concept was born out of social distancing, requiring him and his team to come up with a new idea for a music video. "As for the video, we had to get creative because with social distancing requirements, we couldn’t exactly shoot a video the way we’ve done it before," he said. "So instead of a full video shoot, we teamed with some really talented illustrators and came up with an animated concept to tell the story in a unique way."

In April, Hambrick called into The Bobby Bones Show and opened up about Merritt's work on the front lines, sharing that the family was taking extra precautions against the virus. "I think the biggest thing is... she works in medicine, she works at Vanderbilt, she's a PA, so a lot of her days, she's tested people for this stuff," he said. "So that adds a stress on both of us. We literally don't go anywhere because we don't want to spread the virus in case we have it, stuff like that. We're really careful and all that." He added that he and Merritt are doing "the best we can" to protect themselves and their two young kids. "I don't think there's any way to feel good about it just because of how transmittable the disease is," he mused. "She's coming in and she's changing clothes immediately... she washes the clothes the second she comes in. We go through all these regular-type things to keep us from trying to get it, but at the end of the day, it kind of is what it is."