If you're a frontline worker, this new song by Adam Hambrick is for you. 

In light of the ongoing global health pandemic, rising country artist Adam Hambrick has decided to pen, record and release a song of gratitude to his wife and all frontline workers with “Between Me and the End of the World.”

“Feels like the sky might fall this time / And all the bad news hits too close to home / And the darkness is drowning the light / I know just who I got fighting on my side,” Hambrick belts emotionally in the chorus.


The emotional ballad came from a raw place in Hambrick’s heart as the father of two watches his wife Merritt, a physician assistant, don her scrubs every day and leave the children and him to help patients in need.

“This song is for all the people who step in and serve people when things go horribly wrong. I have spent this quarantine watching my wife go off to work as a physician assistant to do her version of that, testing and treating people for the virus,” the singer shared. “It has given me a new appreciation for all the people who spend their lives serving others in difficult times. It’s terrifying seeing someone you love do what they were made to do but have to do it in harm’s way.”

“Between Me and the End of the World” follows the release of the Hambrick’s current feel-good single, “Forever Ain’t Long Enough,” his cover of Alan Jackson’s “Midnight in Montgomery” and cover of the uplifting “Lean on Me,” alongside Tenille Townes, Caylee Hammack, Alex Hall and more.

If you’re a front-liner, THANK YOU. This song is for you.